Unifreight Global JSC, together with our partners, we can provide warehousing services at various strategic locations in Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Tan Phu, District 12 etc.). Our services provide both short and long-term warehouse storage facilities. Our well maintained, undercover facilities are completely secure and complemented by modern logistical systems which benefit our clients in the way of live asset tracking and reporting.

Our warehousing services are about keeping your inventory safe courtesy of clean, dry, and secure warehousing and distribution centers. At the same time, our warehouse storage systems allow us to dispatch inventory items as expeditiously as possible, as per your businesses special operational requirements.


Our warehousing solutions:

  1. Cargo receiving, packing and storage
  2. Forklift, racking and cargo stand
  3. In-land transportation service
  4. Order processing and reporting
  5. Picking orders, packaging service
  6. Providing international storage system
  7. Computerized inventory management

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